Panasonic 9L51B Battery Pack 18 Volt 4.2Ah Li-ion

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9L51B Battery Pack 18 Volt 4.2Ah Li-ion

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The Panasonic Li-ion batteries are tough and long lasting. These ‘Cobalt’ Li-ion batteries have high electrical efficiency, which delivers greater output than ‘Manganese’ Li-ion batteries.

They are also less prone to increase in temperature, ensuring a long life. Each segment of the battery is monitored by sensor to ensure optimal discharge control, preventing both overcharging and over-discharging.

The EY9L51 B is suitable for the following models: EY7450 LR2S / X, EY7950 LR2S / X, EY4550X, EY74A1 LS2G / X, EY75A1 LS2G / LR2F / X, EY75A2 LS2G / LR2F / X.

Voltage: 18 Volts.
Capacity: 4.2Ah.

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Dimensions290 x 250 x 100 mm


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