Forgefix Organiser Torxfast Screws 1,000 Piece

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Organiser Torxfast Screws 1,000 Piece

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This Forgefix Screw Assortment Case contains 1,000 TorxFast Screws in the following sizes:

150 x 3.5x16mm (T15).
100 x 3.5x25mm (T15).
180 x 3.5x30mm (T15).
130 x 4.0x25mm (T20).
140 x 4.0x30mm (T20).
100 x 4.0x40mm (T20).
80 x 4.0x50mm (T20).
65 x 5.0x80mm (T25).
55 x 5.0x50mm (T25).

In addition, the set contains 9 Torx bits: T15 (x3), T20 (x4), T25 (x2).

The TorxFast Screws have a deep Torx drive head for reduced cam-out. Their super sharp points give an immediate bite and the unique single thread spiral shank enables them to drive in with ease.

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Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions335 x 205 x 60 mm


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